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Scheduling a visit with our dog chiropractor to assess and treat your pet can offer more than just the obvious benefits.

Whilst we aim to ensure your dog's pain is treated, in doing so your pet's overall well-being can also benefit. In treating the muscles & joints it allows them to move freely with less discomfort & improves muscle strength & tone

Improving your dog's health & well-being

Knowing when your dog may need to visit us

The following symptoms in a dog may indicate pain caused by a subluxation:


  • Stiffness when moving / after sleeping

  • Abnormal posture / muscle loss

  • Reluctance to climb stairs or jump onto things

  • Limited performance

  • Signs of pain when performing certain movements or being lifted

  • The animal only lies on one side

  • Disobedience when jumping / measuring jumps

  • Altered sitting position (so-called “puppy sitting”)

  • Irregularity of gait which cannot be assigned to a particular leg or gait

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