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We believe that when it comes to your horse, a healthy spine & musculoskeletal system can contribute considerably to the health of the whole body.

Our skilled chiropractor is also qualified to offer equine chiropractic services, providing your horse with effective treatment for spinal, joint or performance problems.

Healthy spine, healthy horse

The following symptoms in a horse may indicate pain caused by a subluxation:


  • Abnormal posture / muscle loss / lack of top line

  • Objecting to being saddled

  • Throwing its head back or up or hollowing the back

  • Disobedience when jumping / difficulty making the distance between fences / difficulty jumping spreads

  • Difficulties with collected or lateral gaits

  • Changes in behaviour

  • Preference to one rein / bend / leaning on one rein

  • Difficulty engaging the hindquarters

  • Difficulty working “long and low”

  • Irregularity of gait which cannot be assigned to a particular leg or gait



When may you need to see a horse chiropractor?

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If your horse is showing signs of discomfort or uncharacteristic behaviour, contact us for professional advice.

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